Video Surveillance | Unicard Automation
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Video Surveillance

Our pieces of equipment are dependable and world class. Focusing on high-quality services we house network cameras like box cameras, bullet cameras, fixed dome cameras, and PTZ cameras. We provide your premises with a security eye with a network of video recorders, HD Analog cameras, HD DVR’s, range of Network storages and codecs.

Our cameras are powered by defog feature and deliver 4K video quality. Noise reduction and low-light cameras provide a 100% surveillance to ensure full security.

Analog Bullet Cameras

A bullet camera is a combination of camera, lens, and housing packaged in a bullet-style body.


         - Commonly includes IR illuminators.

           - Sealed enclosure decreases need for servicing.

           - small footprint.


         - Requires no separate housing or lens.

           - Good for low-light situations.

Analog Dome Cameras

A dome camera is a combination of camera, lens, and ceiling mount packaged in a discreet dome shape.


         - Functions like any other camera but comes in a dome-shaped housing.

           - Is well-suited for environments that tend to get dirty, like kitchens and warehouses.

           - Typically available in indoor and outdoor housings.


           - Aesthetically pleasing / compact in appearance.

         - Available in vandal-resistant housings.

IP Security Cameras

An IP camera transmits a digital signal using Internet Protocol over a network.


         - Increased resolution and scalability.

       - Many have built-in video analytic software.


         - Better system management than analog cameras.

         - Resolutions from VGA to 29 Megapixel.

PTZ Security Cameras

A PTZ camera contains mechanical controls that allow the operator to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera. we have analog and network based cameras with ability to cover 360-degree rotation.


        - Pan, tilt, and zoom features.

        - Control movement via joystick or software.

        - Can automatically run patterns or turn a preset position.


        - Focuses on areas of interest.

        - Auto Track movement.

        - Survey a wide area of interest and zoom in to detail.