Accessories | Unicard Automation
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We support our flawless products with best quality accessories. We understand your needs for spare parts and additional requirements. Partnered with UNV and Entrust Data card we house a wide range of accessories to support the industry-leading product lines.

Camera accessories

The video surveillance products are high-end range and function fully and with longevity when supported by best quality CCTV housings, brackets, lens, etc.

ID card printer Accessories

We provide you a range of card readers like magnetic strip encoders, Pin Pad entry device, etc.

ID Cards

With best quality ID cards we will supply you tags, clips, and card cleaning supplies.

You need to automate Security. That too, with us!

Automation has taken over live security guards the property and making a register of entry and exit timings. With secure access authentication & remote security cameras, we offer the highest level of security to your organization.

The ID cards and video surveillance systems, installed by us, provide you complete coverage of premises without a traditional manned effort which follows a patterned vigilance path. So, there is no longer the need to maintaining the documentation of who enters and leave your premises. Our secure ID cards help you track each movement from the tracker devices. The fail-proof system installed by our experts ensures reduced overhead and more safety to your premises.